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Cynde has lived in the beautiful Rogue Valley and Ashland community for over 30 years teaching yoga and art and raising her daughter.  She is an experienced, skillful and integrative massage therapist offering comprehensive individualized treatments for each client’s specific needs. Whether you are seeking deep relaxation or relief from stress, injury or chronic pain, Cynde is dedicated to restoring your health with presence, knowledge and compassion. She offers a blend of modalities that include Advanced Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Thai massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Esalen massage, Abhyanga (a warm herbal-infused oil massage), Trigger Point Release, Structural Integration, Reflexology, Swedish, and Yoga.
Cynde has been a yoga instructor certified through the Yoga Alliance (Experienced 500 hour ) for over 30 years. Along with her in depth training in anatomy, kinesiology, pathology and nutrition, the yoga training informs her treatments to prolong or enhance the positive results of massage.


Sanctuary Massage is an integrative healing home massage practice weaving together a diverse and skillful repertoire of techniques and modalities to create optimal structural and functional harmony in body, mind and heart.


Cynde is one of the most intuitive, generous bodyworkers I know. She has healed her own body a number of times, so has both a studied and firsthand understanding of what it takes for body systems to realign and move into optimal functioning. After every massage or yoga session, I leave feeling deeply nourished and empowered.

Lexi Soulios, Holistic Therapist

“Cynde is a caring, wise teacher with an open heart. She has a firm grasp of body mechanics, anatomy, and various forms of yoga. Her classes are an ideal mix of strengthening and restorative poses at a perfect pace for my breath. She does not rush me through my practice, rather she guides me at a respectful pace, always encouraging me to follow my breath, which is at the heart of my practice. And she has a wonderful sense of humor, evidenced by her frequent smile and the ever-present twinkle in her eye.

Joseph Lyndsey

“I get massages with Cynde on a regular basis, sometimes for pain, muscle tightness or injuries, and sometimes ask for what I call maintenance. I know that her work will bring me the needed relief and deep sense of renewal. I appreciate to feel balance and ease in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for relief from pain as well as nurturing touch,”

Sharon T.

“When I lay down and surrender my tension to Cynde’s gifted hands, there is no place I’d rather be. She is intuitive and strong, ground in decades of practice. I believe her depth of character and devotion to her spiritual path also imbue her bodywork with great wisdom. She understands that it’s often not just tension we’re holding but deeper issues, and her gentle nature is the perfect companion.”

Megan D

“I came to Cynde for some deep, very specific work on my low back and neck from an injury I sustained from a mountain bike accident. I was impressed with her knowledge of anatomy and her wide range of skills and techniques that really gave me relief almost immediately. My back and neck kept getting better all week and now after this last massage I feel the best I have in a long time. She is caring, focused, intuitive, and highly effective. Highly recommend her.”

Joseph W.

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“Cynde Gragert has an impressive understanding of the workings of the human body. She has not only soothed my routine aches and pains, but also uncovered the cause of serious nerve pain (which even x-rays had not revealed) and successfully healed it. Her thoughtful, holistic approach and her skilled hands make her an outstanding massage therapist.”

Diana R